Our Newest Registered Consultant from Spain: Zitec Consultores

A new Registered Consultant in Spain. Zitec Consultores provides knowledge and experience to help us achieve feed safety in Spain.

Welcome Zitec Consultores

Zitec Consultores was founded in 1995 by a team of experienced management professionals. Since then, they have grown to become leaders in management excellence across the country, delivering value to each client by using the best tools and custom solutions. Zitec Consultores has more than 30 years of consultancy experience, specialising in the agri-food sector, including food and feed safety management.

Feed Safety Commitment

“We at Zitec Consultores want to be part of the GMP+ Community so that we can share knowledge, experiences, methodologies and good management practices. As a GMP+ Registered Consultant, we will  help companies by providing them with advice on how to comply with the requirements.- Benjamín Vázquez Recio, Consultant

Join us and get registered!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a GMP+ Registered Consultant and registering your own company, feel free to contact our Business Development team.