Special services for transport companies

GMP+ International has various services available to support transport companies to implement the GMP+ FC scheme requirements. Below are some of the services to support current and prospective GMP+ certified companies in setting up their internal HACCP system.

Interactive HACCP Excel

HACCP is the tool to clarify and control the different risks during feed transport. The Excel lists the most common risks and corresponding control measures for the different activities within the "Road transport of animal feed" scope. This interactive tool makes it possible to adapt the specific circumstances of each individual transport company.

The HACCP Transport Reading Guide contains a brief explanation of how the ’HACCP Transport interactive Excel’ works, and the steps to follow for your own HACCP analysis.

GMP+ Academy learning  

In cooperation with (transport) companies in the feed sector, a series of microlearning modules (Safe transport of GMP+ feed) are available for various aspects of transport; such as transport planning, use of the IDTF, loading and unloading, and cleaning the loading compartments.

The GMP+ Academy also has other modules on the application of HACCP principles and basic conditions (The Importance of HACCP for feed safety control during transport Feed Safety and Basic Conditions). Microlearnings are ideal for new employees, or as refresher courses for staff, and are available in multiple languages.

Transport Q&A

The 'Q&A Transport' provides information on the background, scope, and implementation of the GMP+ transport requirements.

International Database Transport for Feed

GMP+ International, together with other feed safety schemes, maintains the ‘International Database Transport (for) Feed’. IDTF is an international database where you can easily find the cleaning regime of your loading compartments and ensure the high level of feed safety of the feed you transport.  Also, under “useful links” you will find several websites with information on authorised disinfectants in different countries.

Registered Services

Registered Services: supports in fulfilling the requirements during daily operation. GMP+ International collaborates with service providers who support efficient maintenance and improvement of feed safety management systems. For more information please visit  www.certag.eu and https://bulkvision.eu/.