‘GMP+ International shares knowledge with companies’

Cereal Docks is an Italian producer of ingredients derived from oilseeds and cereals. Its ingredients are used for feed, food, pharma and cosmetic use, as well as technical and energy applications. The company processes over 2.7 million tons of cereals and oilseeds a year, involving more than 11,000 farms, 6 production plants and 3 storage centers.

Name: Marco Sigola
Company: Cereal Docks Group
Position: Group Quality Manager
Headquarters: Camisano Vicentino, Italy
Certified since: 2015

“Becoming certified for the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme in 2015 was an important step for us. While our production was already well managed – we are ISO22000 certified since 2010 – GMP+ certification provided us with a feed risk management system and the standardisation of contaminants control. GMP+ certification is a prerequisite in some markets, so it proved very useful for the development of our business. That is why we have chosen to certify our main production plants in Camisano Vicentino and Marghera.”

“As a complete and detailed certification scheme, GMP+ really contributes to the development of a feed/food safety culture within our company. The documents of the scheme are very useful and contain all information necessary to help companies implement the standards in line with their business realities. We now have a complete and fast traceability system in place. This ensures that we can act when necessary and keep our clients and the rest of the supply chain safe, from the raw material to the final consumer.”

“We especially appreciate the role GMP+ International plays in knowledge transfer. Supporting material on their website allows us to compare our data to that of other companies. GMP+ also organises seminars in Italy that give companies the chance to learn and discuss topics. I would like to see these seminars take place more often and be regularly updated to include new emerging risks. By sharing knowledge, GMP+ International helps us, and the sector, to identify and prevent problems in a quick and timely manner.”