Global Feed Safety Summit: time for action

Friday, February 25, 2022

During the Global Feed Safety Summit (6-8 April), experts from the feed sector will discuss feed safety culture, digitalisation, sustainability and strengthening the global chain. But even more important than what we discuss in Berlin will be what we do with those insights.

Blog February - Global Feed Safety Summit: time for action

Roland van der Post
Managing Director, GMP+ International

Speakers at the summit will come from all parts of the international feed chain – and beyond. With contributions from IFIF, TESCO, AB Agri, Nutreco, Hamlet Protein, Nutrion International, Cefetra and Covantis (blockchain experts), but also the US government (FDA) and the European commission, we have a line-up to be proud of.

The wide-ranging programme (you can find speakers, schedule and tickets here) will allow us to understand developments in the sector from all angles. We have expressly included many opportunities for discussion and interaction, so that all those attending have the opportunity to share their insights.

What role will you play?

But however good and important that open conversation is, it will be worth nothing if we don't do anything with it. Which is why I am secretly looking forward most to the break-out sessions, side events and tête-à-têtes. Those will give us the first opportunity in a long time to put our heads together and decide on concrete next steps for the feed sector.

Which choices will we make on the big issues? What do we want the sector to look like in 2030? Which steps do we need to take to achieve that? And what role will the various parties play? This is not just about GMP+ International, our partner organisations and industry bodies, but also about individual firms. What role will you play? The summit marks the start of our joint efforts to address the big challenges of our time.

Let's build the future together

For this reason, I see the third and final day of the summit as the most important one. On Friday, we will summarise the lessons learned in a clear agenda for this decade. We will return home with new inspiration, but also with a concrete task.

This is an event not to be missed! We really value your input, which is why we would be very pleased if you were to come too and help shape the future of our sector. And make no mistake: alongside a solid programme with plenty of substance, there will be more than enough time to relax and network. With a dinner, side events and excellent hotel options at walking distance from the venue, everything is in place for three unforgettable days. The number of tickets is limited, so be quick! See you on 6 April in Berlin!

Click here for more information, the list of speakers, tickets and hotel options.

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