Top 5 takeaways from our 2023 annual report

With steady growth, a new strategy, and a big thumbs up from our community, our 2023 annual report shows that GMP+ International is on track.

Our 2023 Annual Report is now live.

Don’t have time to read the whole report? Here are some of the highlights…

1.     Steady growth, firm foundations

We’ve been enjoying steady growth over several years, which continued in 2023. Our foundations as an organisation, and community, are strong. That is thanks to the hard work of the thousands of people around the world who have made feed safety and sustainability part of their everyday work, and of course of the whole GMP+ International team. We’re on the right track.

2.     Thumbs up from the community

In 2023, we asked renowned survey company Ipsos to shed light on our standing in the feed safety community, which of our services are valued the most, and how we can improve satisfaction with our certification. The results gave us a real boost, showing that both GMP+ certified companies and Certification Bodies (CBs) value what we’re doing.

The responses also confirmed that our improvement plans are in line with what the GMP+ Community wants, and that we’re well on track on delivering them. In the annual report you’ll find more details on upcoming improvements to our portal, the feed support database (FSD), searchable digitised scheme documents, and you’re probably even reading this blog on our recently launched user-friendly website. Together, this will make it easier to find, understand and use the information you need.

3.     3-year Business Plan launched

Last year we introduced a new business strategy for the years 2023 – 2025, helping our organisation to focus on the right things. It describes how we’re going to achieve our overarching strategic objective of remaining the market leader in feed safety & sustainability schemes and services, by being an inspiring partner for our community.

And in the full annual report you can hear about some of the great work GMP+ International’s teams are doing to further our strategy in their own words.

4.     Turbo-charged engagement with the community

We are determined to continue our track record of reaching out and working with the feed industry. It is what made us the world’s largest scheme for safe and sustainable feed, and it will be the driving force of our future successes.

We have also initiated a programme to make CBs even more central to our way of working. They are critical to ensuring safe and sustainable feed worldwide, by supporting the implementation of our standards with nearly 20,000 companies around the globe. Our desire is to strengthen added value for both parties.

5.     Boost to sustainability work

And we gave our sustainability work a boost in 2023, including an updated standard on deforestation in soy, and a pilot for a standard on measuring carbon footprint.

More and more community members are asking us about our sustainability standards. We have also been involved in discussions with the sector about sustainability, how to approach it, and what it looks like.

This has culminated in GMP+ International’s new vision, mission, and values – which will help us build on our success in a changed world. I’m proud to say that we are elevating feed sustainability to the same level as feed safety in our work – building on our experience and enhancing the standards, resources, and support available through our Feed Responsibility Assurance (GMP+ FRA) offerings.

Our ambition is to remain relevant to our GMP+ Community, continuously improve, and demonstrate leadership.

Take a look now

But those are just the highlights – there’s much more to be found in the annual report, so please take a look: GMP+ Annual Report 2023.