1000 companies certified for GMP+ FRA and two new standards on the way

At a time when sustainability is a topic for discussion throughout society, the feed industry is taking a step forwards. We are proud that more than 1000 companies are now certified in accordance with the GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance (GMP+ FRA).

This number reflects the increasing efforts of companies to make the feed chain more sustainable.

How to achieve a sustainable feed chain was a key topic for discussion at the Global Feed Safety Summit in Berlin in 2022. During the Summit, we talked at length with experts and stakeholders about the challenges and opportunities in terms of safe and sustainable feed. Since then, we have pushed ahead; on 1 January 2024, we will be launching two new standards within the GMP+ FRA module.

Focus on sustainability

With a company's sustainability performance becoming ever more crucial for its ability to do business, we want to support our Community with an unambiguous and clear standard that can be applied in practice.

  • MI5.5 Carbon Footprint of feed: this standard for calculating the carbon footprint (CFP) of feed ensures that the input used by compound feed companies for calculating the CFP is correct and that the calculation method has been applied properly. This standard will be introduced as a pilot in the first year. Over the course of that year, GMP+ International and participating companies will accumulate experience.
  • MI5.6 Production and Trade of responsible feed: the standard has been developed in order to assure the production and trade of responsible soy (including deforestation-free) in the feed chain. This represents the initial preparations for the entry into force of the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR). 

GMP+ International: leader in the Industry

With 1,000 GMP+ FRA certified companies, the feed sector is demonstrating that it acknowledges the importance of responsible feed production and is actively working to achieve it. Together we are working to develop practical solutions to assure sustainability.