Working together for knowledge-sharing

Monday, June 28, 2021

Achieving a GMP+ FSA certificate is a big step for companies. But there is a further task after that: raising or maintaining the knowledge levels of new and existing employees. GMP+ International is facilitating that effort by working with training institutes.

Blog June - Working together for knowledge-sharing

Johan den Hartog
Managing Director, GMP+ International

The GMP+ certification scheme is, in the first place, a set of standards for safe feed. Companies that adhere to the standards are entitled to advertise themselves as certificate-holders.

But it would be a misconception to reduce the scheme and feed safety to simply a matter of following rules. Because that misses out a crucial condition: knowledge. Understanding the background to standards results in more intrinsic motivation and a better application of those standards.

Many requests

As the owner of the world's biggest scheme, we regularly receive requests to deliver training courses. Companies like to maintain the knowledge levels of their employees. And of course new people regularly join who have less experience with feed or none at all. Training courses are the ideal way to assure the level of knowledge within the organisation.

So we are constantly asking ourselves the question: how can we transfer knowledge? E-learning modules, fact sheets and databases are part of our range. At the same time, we have to recognise that our capacity is not unlimited and that there is a lot of knowledge available outside our organisation.


That is why we act as a facilitator and coordinator for knowledge-sharing. Via the GMP+ Academy, which we will be relaunching next week, we will be actively facilitating knowledge-sharing by means of e-learning and physical training courses. All teaching materials can be found on the online platform, which also offers professionals from the feed chain the opportunity to share information with each other.

The Academy is a joint initiative by GMP+ International and accredited training institutes and trainers: GMP+ Registered Training Institutes/Trainers. The wide range of experts affiliated with the Academy will allow us to be active in different regions and to respond to the local context.

Collective fund

We are also setting up a collective fund together with a number of companies that operate internationally. This fund will develop basic e-learning modules, with all income being reinvested. These modules can be used by training institutes and companies for training courses or as part of the onboarding programme for new employees.

We believe this gives us the perfect vehicle to boost knowledge levels, and hence feed safety, worldwide. During the launch on 7July, you will be introduced to our first partners and see a live demonstration of the platform. With fascinating speakers, it promises to be an absorbing meeting. Will we see you there?

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