GMP+ International offers companies more than a certificate on the wall. We offer all kinds of tools to improve the safety of feed. Some of our services are only available to GMP+ certified companies and provide more insight into feed hazards and risks.


GMP+ certified companies can use our Feed Support Products and the Early Warning System’ among other things.

In addition, GMP+ International, together with other feed safety schemes, maintains the "International Database Transport (for) Feed". An international database on the transport of feed and the cleaning of loading compartments.

Do you want local experts to help you setting up your Feed Safety Management System and prepare for GMP+ audits? Everywhere around the world GMP+ Registered Consultants operate in all sort of expertise and services related to GMP+ Feed Certification.

GMP+ International mainly communicates via the GMP+ Newsletters. Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date and be informed about scheme changes, upcoming GMP+ events and GMP+ Webinars.

GMP+ International is available for the GMP+ Community in case of questions and support. You can contact us via the GMP+ Helpdesk. We will do our best to guide you through our documents and materials in order for you to continue reaching feed safety. Let’s make this work together!