New GMP+ Registered Consultant and Registered Training Institute from Brazil, welcome!

Practical and theoretical knowledge are the main tools for understanding a feed safety management system. The growing number of GMP+ FSA participants in Brazil has inspired GMP+ International to open its doors to more collaborations and partnerships with companies and/or individuals who are willing to share their knowledge.

Recently, GMP+ International welcomed a new registered consultant who will also contribute as a registered training institute for the GMP+ Academy. Certifee Consultoria from Brazil is the latest addition to the growing number of professionals and experts providing consultancy services and feed safety training.

About Certifee Consultoria

The company was established in 2005 by Valesca Bicca Vieira. Valesca is very passionate about sharing knowledge with both feed and food companies. Certifee is innovative in promoting actions to expand awareness of feed and food safety throughout the production chain and the consumer market.

“In this partnership, we will be taking further actions with the same objective of delivering knowledge and focus in the feed and petfood market. We are aware that this partnership will give us more credibility towards the market and technical support that we can utilize.

Why Certifee Academia?

“The increasing awareness of feed safety, especially in feed and petfood, is inspiring us to adapt and align our service offerings to the market. As a consultant, one of our responsibilities is to ensure that our clients learn and absorb the knowledge and information we pass on and are able to apply them in practical situations. Extending our service gives us more presence in the market. Consultancy for the practical side, while the Academy takes care of theory.“ says Valesca.

You’re invited

GMP+ Registered Consultancy and GMP+ Academy programmes are open to interested individuals and/or companies. Contact our Business Development for more information.