Successful FRA-trainings for Certification Bodies

On December 19 and 21, 2023, GMP+ International conducted successful training sessions on the GMP+ FRA module and associated standards for responsible soy and feed. As of January 01, 2024, various scheme changes have been implemented within the FRA module; and the new MI 5.6 standard Production and Trade of responsible feed was published. A good time to organize a training for this, specifically for coordinators and auditors of Certification Bodies.

62 participants

All in all, 62 participants from various countries attended the training. During the first part of the training, provided by Marjolein van Huik, GMP+ FRA scheme manager, the participants were given information on: the GMP+ Feed Responsibility Assurance (FRA) module in general, explanation of the R 5.0 Feed Responsibility Management System and the supply chain models. 

The second part of the training, provided by Stan Hendriks, Scheme & Customer Service Officer, focused on the differences and similarities between the various GMP+ FRA standards focusing on responsible soy and responsible feed. This included a closer look at the scopes (specified by activity, accepted products and species), what soy is accepted and accepted supply chain models. 

Practical cases

The training ended with a practical part focused on the documentation associated with the purchase of certified soy and/or credits and the assessment of the material accounting system. In addition, case studies were discussed that provide insight into how specific situations should be handled in practice.

All 62 participants received a participation certificate. This fulfills one of the requirements to perform on-farm audits and also fulfills one of the requirements to become a GMP+ FRA trainer so that they are qualified to train GMP+ FRA auditors in the future. 

Marjolein & Stan are very satisfied with the training: This training laid a good foundation for the GMP+ FRA module. The participants were highly motivated and showed a good understanding of the subject matter, given the questions that were asked. When dealing with the cases, good points were made and there was a good discussion. GMP+ is convinced that knowledge transfer is an essential aspect of successful verification of the requirements of the GMP+ FRA module. 

Please contact your Certification Body if you wish to be certified for one or more scopes within the GMP+ FRA module.