Certification Bodies & GMP+ Auditors

In order to assess whether GMP+ certified companies comply with the requirements of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme, Certification Bodies (CBs) carry out audits. In doing so, the CBs fulfil a crucial role in securing feed safety.

To fulfil that role properly, CBs are required to provide qualified auditors. This requirement assures GMP+ certified companies that they are assessed in an independent, consistent and competent manner.

GMP+ International has a solid Integrity Programme to verify whether Certification Bodies comply with the requirements of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme.

Part of this Integrity Programme are the annual office audit at the GMP+ accepted Certification Bodies, parallel and witness audits.

After acceptance by GMP+ International, Certification Bodies are authorized to issue and withdraw certificates on their behalf. GMP+ International works together with Certification Bodies and auditors across the globe for Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) and Feed Responsibility Assurance (FRA).

The acceptance of each Certification Body can be verified on the GMP+ Company database.