What is the GMP+ Monitoring database?

In some cases, GMP+ certified companies have the obligation to share analysis results of their feed in the GMP+ Monitoring database. Sharing the analysis results is important, because GMP+ International, together with other stakeholders, can gain insight into the control of feed safety.

And of course, this source of information is also of great added value for companies. The GMP+ Monitoring database enables certified companies to set up, manage, analyse and share their own monitoring program.

The GMP+ Monitoring database is part of the Feed Support Products.


The sharing of the analysis results is anonymous and is submitted by companies themselves or by laboratories on behalf of companies. Companies can learn from each other by sharing the results anonymously. Not only can you share results, but you can also view (anonymous) results of other companies via reports. The more information is shared, the more tools companies get to improve their HACCP system.

Digital submission of analysis results

The analysis results can be submitted via digital messages. You (or the laboratory) can use an Excel or XML file for this. You can then submit the file with analysis results to the GMP+ Monitoring database. In order to be able to read the file, it must meet a number of conditions.

The GMP+ Monitoring database accepts two file formats: excel and XML. In both file formats it is possible to supplement an already registered sample with the analysis results or to supply all data digitally.

Here you will find empty templates and examples.

GMP+ excel – full message

empty template 

GMP+ excel – supplement to registered sample  empty template example

GMP+ XML – full message

empty template   
GMP+ XML – supplement to registered sample 

empty template 


You can find more information about the digital delivery of analysis results in the manual of the GMP+ Monitoring database. 

Submitting digital analysis results to the GMP+ Monitoring database?

When the digital message has been prepared, it can be sent to monitoringdata@gmpplus.org.

Test service

It is also possible to test your file first. You can then send your digital message to testserviceMD@gmpplus.org

Note: do not send any questions / comments in the email! Both e-mail addresses are only used for submitting digital analysis results and other content is not read. If you have any questions about the GMP+ Monitoring database, please contact our helpdesk.

Code lists

To create the digital message, you need codes of, among other things, the (un desirable substances that are included in the GMP+ Monitoring database. You can consult the code lists here or log in to GMP+ Portal.

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