Risk Assessments

What risks does the production of feed materials entail? For the answer to that question, we refer you to the risk assessments that you can find on ‘GMP+ Portal’.

GMP+ International has a Product List of feed materials that are accepted for use in feed. A generic risk assessment is available for each accepted feed material. These have been developed in collaboration with the certified companies. If you want to produce a feed material or bring it into the GMP+ chain that is not (yet) on this list, you must first follow a number of steps.

  1. First check whether the product is a feed material by using the decision tree. See the "GMP+ Guidance tree".

  2. If the product is a feed material, check whether it is included in the Product List with a risk assessment. The risk assessments can be found on the ‘GMP+ Portal’.

  3. Is the product you want to produce or bring into the GMP+ chain a feed material, but not yet included in the Product List with a risk assessment? Then submit an application.

    An application for inclusion can be made by an (upcoming) GMP+ certified company, but also others such as trade associations or consultancy firms. To apply, please fill in this template in English and send it to riskassessment@gmpplus.org.

    Note: More information about submitting a risk assessment can be found in the question and answer list GMP+ D3.17 FAQ Feed Support Products. 
  1. The acceptance procedure is as follows:
    1. Submitting a risk assessment to riskassessment@gmpplus.org.           
    2. First screening by GMP+ International
    3. Second screening by the Technical Committee FSP
    4. After approval, feed material is included in the Product List and publication Risk Assessment

Submitting a risk assessment before the deadline is required. GMP+ International screens the application and, if necessary, requests additional information from the applicant. Only when the submitted document is complete and confirmed by GMP+ International will the risk assessment be included on the agenda of the next meeting of external experts (TCFSP meeting).

Explanation of the steps can be found here.

TCFSP Meeting schedule

The Technical Committee FSP (TCFSP) meets 3 times a year. During these meetings, members of the TCFSP will review the new risk assessments. The meeting dates and the relevant deadlines until when the companies can submit (new) risk assessments can be found in the table below:

TCFSP Meeting


Deadlines for submission
of (new) risk assessment

1st meeting

19 March 2024

3 January 2024

2nd meeting

20 June 2024

29 March 2024

3rd meeting

12 November 2024

29 August 2024