‘GMP+ guarantees the quality of our products’

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Jiangsu Yinong Bioengineering Co., Ltd is engaged in researching, developing, innovating and manufacturing in the enzyme industry. With a production capacity of 50,000 tons of enzymes every year, it is one of the largest manufacturers in the international enzyme sector. Its products are distributed to 25 countries across five continents.

Jiangsu YiNong Bioengineering

Name: Liu Xianyou
Company: Jiangsu YiNong Bioengineering
Location: China
Certified since: 2016
Certified for: GMP+ B1 and GMP+ BCN CN1

“GMP+ FSA certification enables us to control our company’s production process more strictly, which ensures the quality of our products. The standards have led to a significant improvement of our feed safety management system. Certification also helps our company gain recognition from foreign customers and find new business opportunities.”

“Like all companies in the feed sector, we operate in a chain. The GMP+ Feed Certification scheme helps us to identify companies who do not adhere to the same high-quality standards. Before we were certified, for example, we used the services of a carrier that did not meet the highest feed safety requirements. Because of GMP+ International’s chain approach, we have more knowledge about potential partners in the chain, and we halted our collaboration with this particular carrier.”

“Going forward, I believe we will keep improving upon our company’s feed safety management system, because GMP+ certification guarantees the quality of our products. I would recommend certification to all parties in the chain, because having the same quality demands is the basis of long-term cooperation.”