‘Everything changed after we got GMP+ FSA certified’

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Marine Akwa, founded in 2016 by Fanny Giudicelli, produces marine-based solutions for the fish and shrimp farming industry. Although based in France, Marine Akwa is selling its additives throughout Latin America. GMP+ FSA certification greatly boosted this young company’s ambitions to create ‘a new vision of aquaculture’, which combines efficiency with a natural approach.

Marine Akwa

Name: Fanny Giudicelli
Company: Marine Akwa
Location: France 
Certified since: 2018
Certified for: GMP+ B1

“We are focused exclusively on selling 100 percent natural products of marine origin”, Ms. Fanny Giudicelli says. “Our marine probiotics improve animal health and help decrease the use of antibiotics. We strongly believe both the environment as well as fish and shrimp farmers benefit from this.”

“As far as aquaculture is concerned, Latin America is the closest significant market for us. However, when we tried to register our product in several Latin American countries, like Columbia, we were told GMP+ FSA certification was a prerequisite. I had known about GMP+ FSA for a long time, since I had been working in animal nutrition before, yet I never gave it much thought. Now I was looking to grow my small start-up business and without GMP+ FSA, we would not be able to finish the necessary regulatory process and enter new markets.”

“It took us a full year from application to certification. Internally, basically everything changed during that period. Because of GMP+ FSA, our processes are more professional now and traceability of products plays a much larger role. I would say that feed safety procedures are now in our DNA, and we will continue working according to these standards going forward. Equally important, GMP+ FSA opened new doors for us. We are now selling our products in Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and many other countries, and are looking to enter the Asian market in the future.”

“To companies not yet certified, I would say: yes, it does take a lot of work to become GMP+ FSA certified, but don’t be afraid. GMP+ International and its representatives stand ready to help. If you end up being certified, it will be a huge plus not only for your company, but for feed safety as well.”