‘GMP+ goes along with our vision to create a secure, high-quality product’

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Every year, Trotec transforms 200,000 tons of vegetable by-products into compound animal feed. In doing so, Trotec actively contributes to the European Union’s ambition to reduce food waste by 50 percent in 2030. Thanks to the processing of the by-products in its two plants, Trotec keeps at least 40,000 ha of land free for the production of primary agricultural products. Trotec is based in Veurne, Belgium, and Albon, France.


Name: Sigrid Pauwelyn
Trotec NV
Veurne, Belgium
Certified since:
for: GMP+ FSA (B1 and B4) and GMP+FRA MI105 GMO-controlled

“For over fifty years, Trotec has been processing by-products of industrial food companies, coming from biscuits, bread, chocolate, pasta, and other foods, into valuable, safe and sustainable raw materials for the compound feed industry”, says Sigrid Pauwelyn. “This enables feed companies to replace other raw materials, such as wheat, corn, barley and even sugar and palm oil. By making feed out of food, we succeed in keeping food not suitable for human consumption within the food chain.”

“As a company we are focused on sustainability, food safety and a high-quality end product. Therefore, all of our by-products are processed in-house and go through strict quality controls. We were one of the first companies to become certified for the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme, because we wanted to show the world how important feed safety is to Trotec. Also, we noticed that our customers increasingly started requiring GMP+ FSA certification.”

“Both of our plants are certified for GMP+ FSA. Being certified helps us in multiple ways. In fact, the standards of the scheme are an insurance with regard to feed safety. Also, our newest certification – GMP+FRA MI105 GMO-controlled – gives us the chance to bring our end product on the international market. And in order to correctly obtain the necessary information, we use GMP+ International’s database for evaluating risk analysis and HACCP plans.”

“Because we benefit in so many ways, we will definitely continue our collaboration with GMP+ International for years to come.”