Tips to identify feed fraud

Friday, July 26, 2019

In January 2017, GMP+ International published an information document which provides guidance for recognizing feed fraud and taking measures to prevent it. In this newsletter, we offer practical tips and information to safeguard your business against feed fraud.

GMP+ guidance document on feed fraud prevention

The GMP+ guidance document on Feed Fraud Prevention was developed by GMP+ International in collaboration with experts from the feed industry and under the guidance of Food authenticity professor Dr. Saskia Van Ruth of the Wageningen UR/ RIKILT. It contains a step by step approach that supports certified companies in preventing feed fraud and provides information about vulnerabilities in the feed chain.

The guidance can be used by companies irrespective of size or geographic location to identify how they may be vulnerable to fraudulent activity and prepare a mitigation plan.

The document also contains a questionnaire that can be used to determine the vulnerability of an ingredient, product, or the entire company.

Connect the dots

It is important for companies to have a multidisciplinary approach towards preventing feed fraud. The issue is not only the responsibility of  the Quality Assurance department of the organisation. It is important to involve various experts from other areas of the organisation such as management, purchasing, production, human resources etc. In case you require guidance on what the composition of such a team should be, please see the document ‘Team of Specialists’ which is a part of the guidance document as well.

Is your company prepared?

The current GMP+ FC scheme already includes control measures to manage signals that may indicate fraud. The Early Warning System and acting on non-conformities are examples of this. However, 100% prevention of feed fraud is not realistic. Your organization must always be alert and lookout for signals of fraud.