Meet Bram Schuit, our new Commercial Director

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Starting on September 1st, Bram Schuit (54) will be GMP+ International’s new Commercial Director. Let’s meet Bram!

‘GMP+ International should be a leading voice’

What do you want people to know about you?
“In the past 20 years, I always worked in independent or overseeing functions. Predominantly, I’ve been involved in testing, inspection and certification, most recently with Kiwa. Because of my experience with independent organisations, I have learned to see all sides and to talk to everybody. I believe this trait will be of great value for GMP+ International. Outside of work, I have a partner and three children. This past January, I became grandpa for the first time. Further I am also a big cycling fan.”

What’s so fascinating about the feed sector?
“What happens here, directly affects us as human beings. Because we all must eat and drink. So there is a lot of urgency. I am also intrigued by the evolution of food throughout history, and how our views of it are constantly changing. Consumers hold tremendous power, which makes it an extremely dynamic market. There is always something happening. And in this ever-evolving setting, GMP+ International, in collaboration with its stakeholders, provides tools to produce safe feed. That offers beautiful opportunities and carries a lot of responsibility at the same time.”

Where is GMP+ International headed?

“With over 19,000 certified companies and stakeholders all over the world, we are the frontrunner in the world of feed safety. This position gives us an important voice when it comes to developments in the feed sector. We should use that. It also provides an opening to connect with leading food schemes around the world and increase collaboration, without forsaking our own identity. Throughout the years, GMP+ International succeeded in taking the right steps at the right time. The next logical step would be to expand our international standing and speed up our growth in different parts of the world. The more international we are, the more support for Feed Safety Worldwide!”