EFFPA and SKK join GMP+ chain partner programme

Monday, November 29, 2021

Working together with our chain partners

No matter which part of the feed supply or value chain your organisation operates in, at GMP+ International we believe we have the same goal - to provide safe products for our consumers.

That’s why we are excited to announce that the European Former Foodstuffs Processors Association (EFFPA) and the Association for Commodities and Feed (SKK) have joined our chain partner programme to promote and support each other in achieving this goal.

The EFFPA joins the GMP+ International Expert Committee (IEC) while the SKK, also known as Spolek pro komodity a krmiva, is the first chain partner from the Czech Republic.


Former foodstuffs have gone through a journey when it comes to their status and recognition as a high-quality feed ingredient. Considerable progress has been made. Currently, former foodstuff processors are seeing a concrete demand for their products because of their nutritional and sustainability characteristics. This demand will also be a driver for the sector to tap into new or currently underused former foodstuffs and these need to be assessed on feed safety.

In addition, there are still complications regarding the trade in former foodstuffs, due to different interpretations, classifications or approaches by authorities and/or feed safety schemes per country, particularly in the transition of a foodstuff into a feed material. Through its membership of the GMP+ IEC, EFFPA hopes to proactively contribute to harmonising the approach among all stakeholders and thereby facilitating smoother international trade in former foodstuffs.

Association for Commodities and Feed (SKK)

The partnership aims to support the application of proper feed safety assurance by SKK members in accordance with international standards like the GMP+ FC scheme. It also seeks to support international and domestic marketing and promotions in the interests of Czech companies and also to work with long-term, sustainable programmes. The Czech national "non-GMO" standard is VLOG-accepted, which means it is also accepted by GMP+ International. SKK non-GMO standard certified companies can deliver to GMP+ FRA MI 5.4 certified companies and vice-versa as regards the non-GMO status.

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If you are interested in learning more about the GMP+ Chain Partners programme, feel free to contact our Business Development team.