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Monday, August 30, 2021

No EWS warnings in 2020. Is feed safety under control?

With 250 EWS notifications, divided across 167 EWS cases, GMP+ International saw a decrease in the number of EWS notifications (427) and EWS cases (247) compared to 2019.  

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Even though we received quite some notifications, this did not result into any EWS warnings in 2020. The responsibility for handling non-conforming products always lies with the certified company together with its suppliers and customers. We observed that, of the notifications sent to GMP+ International, the situation was well under control by the companies in the chain: customers were informed, products blocked and measures taken to prevent recurrence of the incident identified. This did not require any additional actions on the part of GMP+ International to inform the GMP+ Community. So yes, our GMP+ certified companies are doing a great job of taking control in the event of incidents!

However, of course, it is still is important to stay alert and act as soon as you find any irregularities in your feed. The GMP+ standards contain requirements on what you should do in case an incident happens. Besides reacting to the situation, we also advise you to be pro-active, so you are prepared when it happens to you.

The most important thing is to make sure the product is blocked, and that all relevant parties are informed so they can take measures as well.

We will continue to assess all notifications sent to us via our EWS procedure, to see if there is a need to alert the GMP+ Community. Please use our improved web form in the GMP+ Portal to send us your notification. 

Tip: if you are logged in on our portal, you save time since a lot of the form will be completed automatically. Tip: you can find all the communication related to your notification in the GMP+ Portal.

GMP+ International is always looking for potential to grow and learn together with our GMP+ Community. We are therefore interested in learning more about your experiences in the event of incidents. How can we help you stay in control of the situation? Please let us know by contacting our helpdesk.