Feed Legislation service to help find EU feed legislation

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Use the Feed Legislation service to easily find EU feed legislation and regulations.

In March 2022, GMP+ International launched the updated “Feed Legislation” service. With the Feed Legislation service, users can find EU and Dutch feed legislation in one place. The service consists of a website, www.feedlegislation.org, and a monthly newsletter. The website provides an overview of EU and Dutch feed legislation and keeps track of changes and updates. These updates are published on a monthly basis on the website and via a newsletter.


During the summer of 2022, a survey was conducted to find out whether users were satisfied with the Feed Legislation service. The overall response has been very constructive. Users appreciate the service, user-friendliness and clear overviews of feed legislation and the relevant changes. The feedback also shows that users are satisfied with the monthly updates via the website and newsletter.

In the future, we will evaluate whether the service can be extended with additional feed legislation and other languages.

If you are interested in receiving the monthly updates, you can subscribe via this link or via www.feedlegislation.org.