Final drafts of the GMP+ scheme 2020 available for you!

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Good news! New steps have been taken towards the publication of #ProjectGMP+2020. We are happy to inform the GMP+ Community about what has taken place and what other steps we will take.

GMP+ FSA available for viewing

After the successful public consultation for GMP+ FSA, the new scheme documents have been presented to the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA). The RvA has announced that the scheme documents have been received in good order and that it has now started to assess them.

Now it is time to share the preliminary GMP+ FSA documents with the GMP+ Community. From now on they can be viewed and read on our website (Tab: GMP+ FC scheme 2020). This gives the GMP+ Community time to get familiar with the updated documents.

Depending on the assessment of the RvA, changes can be made to the scheme documents. Take this into account when reading the documents.

After the assessment, the definitive documents will be made available to the GMP+ Community.

GMP+ FRA standards: public consultation

The public consultation for GMP+ FRA was completed on July 8. The responses received are currently being assessed by the working group.

For GMP+ FRA, the provisional documents are also available on the website and can be reviewed. Take into account any changes following the assessment by the working group.

Our goal is as enthusiastic as ever: publish the final, definitive GMP+ Feed Certification scheme in 2020.