Publication date GMP+ Feed Certification scheme 2020

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Publication date

We are excited to inform you that we will publish the renewed scheme on Monday, March 1st , 2021 on our website.
Keep in mind that:

  • The preliminary GMP+ FSA & GMP+ FRA draft documents of the renewed scheme can be viewed here
  • After publication, a 6-month preparation period will start
  • A 3-year transition period will follow and gives all companies time to change from the current scheme to the new scheme
  • Publication is done in 4 languages: English, Dutch, German and Polish

With the new GMP+ FC scheme 2020, we want to make it simpler and easier for the GMP+ Community to work with our scheme. 

Support from GMP+ International

We are developing support- and training materials for the GMP+ Community, like cross reference lists, a list with changes, FAQ’s and online sessions.

We work closely with GMP+ Registered Consultants. They can help you with the implementation of GMP+ FSA or GMP+ FRA.

Watch the video below to get an impression of how the renewed scheme took off.