GMP+ Monitoring database infographic available

Monday, September 28, 2020

Setting up your monitoring plan? Valuable and useful information is available for you!

GMP+ International has evaluated the 2019 analysis results retrieved from the GMP+ Monitoring database. The evaluation is presented in an infographic, and it shows results which GMP+ certified companies have shared with the GMP+ Community in the year. We have published the main figures and conclusions by means of an infographic in order to provide valuable information, which GMP+ certified companies can use in making their company specific HACCP plan.

General findings

The GMP+ Monitoring database was used by 911 individual users from 43 countries. These companies shared almost 29,000 results in 2019. Even though the number of users steadily increased over the last years, the number of shared results did not exceed the total number of shared results last year (over 33,000). We expect that this is related to Covid-19 pandemic, since the results entered for the 4th quarter of the year (1st September to 31st December) are much lower than the other quarters in 2019.

In terms of undesirable substances analysed in Monitoring report 2019, except for dioxin and non-dioxin like PCBs and Salmonella, noncompliance rates of the rest contaminants either showed a decreasing trend or remained 0 (Enterobacteriaceae and prohibited animal proteins).

We are working on several improvements on the GMP+ Monitoring database, mostly based from the Customer Satisfaction Survey. This includes improving the user-experience of the GMP+ Monitoring database and updating the user-manual.