GMP+ Registered Consultants Harmonization Training, Successful

Thursday, January 28, 2021

The annual event for GMP+ Registered Consultants to harmonise and update knowledge about the GMP+ FC scheme has been successful.

Getting ready for the change

Every year, GMP+ International organizes a harmonisation training for all GMP+ Registered Consultant all over the world to guarantee the quality of knowledge and expertise related to the GMP+ FC scheme and feed safety management system.

Last December 1-3 this program was successfully participated by 25 consultants from Asia, Latin America and Europe. Some of the topics are Laboratory testing and registration, GMP+ FRA, pesticide residues/MRL calculations, but the main highlight of the training is the new GMP+ 2020. This training took place online.

“The content of the training, the expertise of presenters and the dynamics is what I like most about the training” – Leonardo M. Borges, Brazil

Growing Community

Start of 2021, we welcome a new GMP+ Registered Consultant from India. Shree Consultancy is a consultancy firm specialized in guiding companies that are active in the food sector and the animal feed sector. They are active in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and South Korea.

Join us and be registered

If you are interest to learn more about GMP+ Registered Consultant and to register your own company, feel free to contact our Business Development.