GMP+ Registered Consultants, refreshed!

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Providing consultancy services about the GMP+ FSA and/or GMP+ FRA scheme is crucial. For companies who need it, consultants play an integral part in the process of successfully obtaining the certificate.

Registered Consultants workshop

Another successful programme for the GMP+ Registered Consultants around the globe. The harmonisation workshop was held to replace the annual training for GMP+ Registered Consultants that was unable to take place due to the pandemic. Around 30 consultants participated online from different regions. “The goal of the workshop is to maintain the knowledge level of GMP+ Registered Consultants globally. We changed the concept a bit because we’d like to offer a fresh approach and promote camaraderie. It was refreshing to witness how they discussed and shared experiences with one another“  – Olyn San Miguel, GMP+ International.

Welcome new GMP+ Registered Consultants

It's always great to see companies and/or individuals who are passionate about providing consultancy services to companies who would like to become GMP+ certified or simply want to maintain their GMP+ FSA/FRA certificates. Recently, we welcomed two new GMP+ Registered Consultants, one from Brazil and the other from Italy. It's great to see that many independent consultants are joining.

Gianni Baccarini, Italy

Gianni is a seasoned independent consultant from Italy with expertise in the GMP+ FSA scheme, specifically Trade & Collection and Storage & Transhipment. With more than a decade of experience in providing consultancy services, many Italian companies are putting their trust in his competence and credibility as a GMP+ consultant.

Virginia Carvalho Pessoa de Mendonça – ME, Brazil

Virginia is a former GMP+ Auditor from Brazil. She gained her know-how and didactic skills in consultancy services through her own experience and training. Her expertise lies in the Production of Feed Materials, Production of Compound Feed and Premixtures, Transport (road, rail, inland waterway), Trade and Collection, Storage & Transhipment and the Production and Trade of pet food. Virginia offers her consultancy services to companies operating in Brazil.

Find GMP+ RC

All GMP+ Registered Consultants’ contact information and details are available on the GMP+ International website. Click here to find the nearest Registered Consultants to you.

Join us and get registered

If you are interested in learning more about GMP+ Registered consultancy programme or in participating, feel free to contact Business Development.