GMP+’s chain partner programme is getting stronger

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Three new partners are joining our chain partner programme. A feed additive association in China, a strong retail company in Europe and an institute focused on research related to carbon strategies.

Working together with our chain partners

No matter which part of the feed supply or value chain your organisation is active in, at GMP+ International we believe that we have the same goal and that is; we provide safe products for our consumers. We are delighted that TESCO (UK), HENAN Feed Additive Association (China) and Ithaka Institute (Switzerland) have joined our chain partner programme to promote and support each other in achieving this goal.

TESCO Supermarkets PLC

TESCO has the Tesco Feed Mill Operations Standard, which sets out requirements for producers of animal feed that deliver to farming systems in the Tesco supply chain for meat. It is designed to support Tesco’s policy with regard to food safety, quality and responsible sourcing. GMP+ FC scheme requirements for feed suppliers meet Tesco’s requirements for their Feed Mill Standard. With this partnership, we want to regulate the collaboration regarding feed and food safety issues to ensure optimal alignment of feed and food in the entire feed supply and value chain.

“In our view, this is an important step in embracing the feed-food-retail value chain and aligning the requirements for the animal feed sector. We look forward to gaining more partners in the retail sector”, says Johan den Hartog, Managing Director of GMP+ International. 

Henan Feed Additives Association

The Henan Feed Additives Association promotes the quality and safety of feed additives and builds a platform for exchange and cooperation in strict accordance with national policies.

“Our goal is to encourage China's feed and feed additive companies to further standardise production, green production, energy saving, emissions reduction, environmental protection and safe production, so that companies can produce products that are beneficial to human health. We are confident that GMP+ International and its feed safety scheme can be a big factor for us to be able to achieve some of our goals, especially in safety. This cooperation will hopefully contribute to human health together!”­ says Mr. Xu Qi Chang, Chairman. 

Ithaka Institute

The Ithaka Institute established the European Biochar Certificate and has developed numerous biochar-based products for various uses, including as feed ingredients. The institute is an international research network for carbon strategies. It is a non-profit research foundation with its headquarters in Switzerland and independent offices in Germany, the USA and Nepal.

This partnership and collaboration agreement serves the interest of the GMP+ FSA and EBC certified companies to align and complement the requirements for ensuring the safety of biochar used as a feed ingredient.

We want you in!

Currently, GMP+ International has almost 50 Chain Partners from all over the world and we continue to seek new collaborations. If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact Olyn San Miguel, Business Development.