How can Feed Support Products help you?

Monday, June 29, 2020

GMP+ International offers several supporting tools to help companies set up their HACCP system and implement the GMP+ requirements. We call these tools ‘Feed Support Products (FSP)’. The FSP are developed with an interactive nature and contain information, supplied by- and for the GMP+ Community. This is the unique element in how FSP can help companies.

How can Feed Support Products help you?

Feed Support Products (FSP) are connected to the GMP+ requirements in the standards and are shown in our FSP infographic.

With the FSP, we offer various information sources in an interactive way. In this way we can help companies with the implementation of a company-specific HACCP system. 

The data we use for the FSP comes from the GMP+ Community. For over 20 years companies have been submitted data on a daily base. This created an enormous rich database which we utilize into FSP to support companies.

Curious about all the benefits and functionalities of the Feed Support Products?

Check our FSP infographic now or click here for more information!