Improved Feed Support Products

Thursday, October 29, 2020

In 2019 GMP+ International conducted a survey about your experiences with our Feed Support Products (FSP). With the outcome of the survey we have improved our FSP for you.

In the FSP survey, including the Risk Assessments, GMP+ Monitoring database and Fact sheets, we asked you to share your experiences with us.

With the input we receive, we improve our services. In September 2020 we optimized our FSP database in several ways:

Better navigation

By improving the navigation in our GMP+ Portal we are now able to navigate directly to our FSP Products. This means you can navigate directly from our newsletter to our ‘Fact sheets’  for example.

This improves our communication and will make it easy for you to find your way from our newsletters or website to the GMP+ Portal.

Download and version dates

As of now any document you download from our ‘tools’ in the GMP+ Portal will clearly show either a download or a version date on the first page. As a result you also know when the document has been updated for the last time.

Update Product list

Last but not least, we updated the Product list to include references to the European Feed Catalogue. This avoids any confusion about the legal status of the included feed materials.

More yet to come

We will continue improving our FSP. The upcoming months we will be working on:

  • Improving by creating a step by step plan for laboratories to include analytical results from their clients into the GMP+ Monitoring database.
  • Rewriting the FAQ doc for FSP and adding some new questions we received from the GMP+ Community.
  • A guidance document about the connection between GMP+ requirements and legislation.
  • Continuous improvement of user experience of the FSP.

So, keep your eyes on our newsletters, website and GMP+ Portal to see what we are doing. If you like to share any feedback, please contact us via our GMP+ Helpdesk, send an email to or call us at +31 (0)70 307 4144.