Meet Roland van der Post, our new Managing Director

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Starting on August 1st, Roland van der Post will be GMP+ International’s new Managing Director. He replaces Johan den Hartog, who will assume the role of Business Development Director until his retirement date. Let’s meet Roland!

Roland, what do you want people to know about you?
“Before assuming my new role as Managing Director, I held the function of Operations Director since 2015. As such, I was responsible for daily management and part of GMP+ International’s management team. Prior to working here, I held several leadership positions in the insurance and financial sector. I completed a Master of Public Administration at Leiden University. When not working, I love to make music. I play the guitar in a several bands and we perform across the Netherlands.”

What can the GMP+ community expect from you?
“I would describe my style as open and engaged: what you see is what you get. I’m a straight shooter and am driven by the desire to eliminate complexity and provide workable solutions. I want to help our certified companies to benefit from our feed safety scheme to the fullest extent, not just from a feed safety perspective, but also business-wise. Besides that, I look forward to getting to know our global feed safety community even better.”

What are your plans for the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme?
“Thanks to Johan, I inherit the lead of an organisation that is financially solid and strategically well-prepared for the future. We will continue with our current strategy and build on the foundation he has laid over the past 30 years. Most importantly, I want to invest in our relationships with our partners and stakeholders, because, ultimately, they make our scheme a success. I especially look forward to increasing our engagement with non-European partners to improve our scheme, and to continue finding new ways to share knowledge. Let’s start creating the future of feed safety together!”