New GMP+ Registered Service: bulkvision

Monday, November 29, 2021

With GMP+ Registered Services, we bring innovations that support feed safety closer to the GMP+ Community. Bulkvision Blockchain-Cloud technology is now a GMP+ Registered Service.

Welcome bulkvision

GMP+ International welcomes bulkvision as a GMP+ Registered Service. We trust that with its Blockchain-Cloud technology, bulkvision will support the industry in maintaining transparency and safety in the feed and food supply chain.

We expect that through this cooperation with GMP+ International, we can  spread this blockchain-cloud technology around the world for the benefit of the feed manufacturers concerned and their customers, especially the transporters and cleaning stations. We are confident that our service will help ensure feed quality and transport hygiene”, says Hans-Dieter Philipowski, bulkvision CEO.

Bulkvision offers

With Global Transport Container Identification (GID), transport containers are clearly and globally identifiable (digital twins). GID and the cloud platform are hosted by the international ENFIT Supply Chain Safety Association, in line with European data protection standards. These ensure that the data is not in the hands of a private company but of an international association controlled by its members. This ensures the highest level of data security.

The bulkvision SaaS software, the stakeholders involved (loaders, unloaders, transport companies, cleaning stations) exchange all relevant data in real time via the blockchain cloud platform. The bulkvision software is multi-client capable and can be used via smartphone, tablet (iOS, Android) and desktop.

Bulkvision blockchain technology not only allows processes to be optimised and made more secure, it also enables approximately 30% of administration costs to be saved.

If you are interested in learning more about bulkvision benefits and how to subscribe, visit

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The GMP+ Registered Services Regulation is now on our website. We are looking for potential organisations with relevant services and products to support feed safety worldwide. If you are interested in being accredited, please contact our Business Development unit.