New GMP+ Registered Service: EuroAmerica Group S.A.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Transparency and traceability are the two most important components of feed safety. GMP+ International appreciates the efforts of many companies which offer services that support this part of the GMP+ FC scheme.  Recently, EuroAmerica Group S.A. in Argentina joined the GMP+ Registered Service programme to offer their services.  

About EuroAmerica Group (EAG)

EuroAmerica Group (EAG) Surveyor is an ISO/IEC 17020 accredited inspection body dedicated to quality and quantity control of agricultural products such as vegetable oils, grains and by-products. Today the company is active in all the main ports of Argentina and Brazil, coordinating and supervising over 600 shipments annually, with more than half of these shipments being related to GMP+ products.

The ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation provides EAG with international recognition and guarantees standardized procedures and practices, high quality performance/technical competence, traceable information, calibrated equipment and the highest level of independence and confidentiality. 

How does EAG support the feed industry?

“We have defined procedures with an inspection approach to ensure that animal feed exports meet the requirements of the GMP+ FSA scheme. We provide support to help our clients fulfil GMP+ requirements through production, storage, transport and trade.” – Manuel Buzzi, EAG.

AEG services include protection against contamination at different stages such as during the loading and discharging of ships, barges, trucks and containers, checking previous cargoes and cleaning methods, gatekeeper audits for exporting terminals and road transport movements. As a result, safe and rapid traceability of products are ensured.

Why the GMP+ Registered Service programme?

“The GMP+ Registered Service programme is a great way to endorse services designed to contribute to feed safety and validate the knowledge and expertise of the registered companies. GMP+ International is the most important entity related to feed safety and it is a pleasure for us to become the first worldwide company to be registered and part of a community that contributes to this objective.” – EAG.

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You’re invited!

The GMP+ Registered Services Regulation is now up on our website. We are looking for potential organizations with great services and products to support feed safety worldwide. If you are interested in being accredited, contact our Business Development unit.