New partners in Asia

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

FIPAA and GetCertSure are new partners of GMP+ International in Asia. With a focus on collaboration, consultancy, and knowledge sharing, we trust that our partnership will go a long way towards promoting feed safety.     

Feed Ingredients and Premix Association in Asia (FIPAA)

Spearheaded by 5 feed additives and premix companies active in Asia – Trouw Nutrition, Adisseo, Biomin (now DSM), Dupont (now IFF) and Orffa – FIPPA will henceforth provide a unified voice for the feed additive and premix industry in Asia.

FIPAA has been established to promote cooperation between companies involved in the production and trade of feed ingredients and premixtures on common issues related to regulations and policies which apply to the animal nutrition sector in Asia.

“GMP+ International fully supports FIPAA’s ambition. Our partnership aims to create awareness about feed safety issues and promote feed safety assurance and feed safety culture. This will lead to awareness within the feed ingredients and premix sector and the compound feed sector in the region through combined and collaborative efforts.” – Bram Schuit, Commercial Director, GMP+.

“We trust that this collaboration will support our positive intentions for the sector. FIPAA will work together with GMP+ International to initiate projects that will benefit our members.” – Justyna Maczynska, member of the founding Board (Trouw Nutrition).


GetCertSure is a young company but the person behind it has extensive experience in GMP+ FSA, non-GMO and sustainability standards. Mr. Tipong Narkmit decided to widen his activities by venturing into consultancy and training services. “I believe that sharing my knowledge has great impact here in Thailand and Southeast Asia in terms of creating awareness and implementing feed safety management systems. In this sense, we can grow together” – Mr. Narkmit, owner.

GetCertSure is a GMP+ Registered Consultant and Registered Trainer.

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