GMP+ International is preparing scheme changes after legal relaxation of the ban on meat-and-bone meal

Monday, September 6, 2021

The European Union (EU) has eased up on the ban on using processed animal proteins in feed according to the Directive (EU) 2021/1372.

As of 6 September, 2021, existing limitations are alleviated under certain conditions:

  • processed animal proteins obtained from pigs and insects may be added to poultry feed
  • processed animal proteins obtained from poultry and insects may be added to pig feed
  • gelatin and collagen obtained from ruminants may be added to feed for non-ruminants.

Adapting this legislation has certain consequences for the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. We are preparing the following scheme changes in cooperation with representatives of the GMP+ Community. This will be discussed during our upcoming meetings of the subcommittees and the IEC (International Expert Committee). These meetings are scheduled for September and October 2021.

GMP+ FC scheme 2010

GMP+ FC scheme 2020

GMP+ BA1 Specific Feed Safety Limits

TS 1.5 Specific feed safety limits

GMP+ BA3 Minimum Requirements Negative List

TS 1.4 Forbidden Products and Fuels

GMP+ BA4 Minimum Requirements for Sampling and Analysis

TS 1.7 Monitoring

product list / risk assessments **



We are striving to carry out the scheme changes as per 1 January, 2022. In anticipation of these changes, GMP+ certified companies are allowed to use animal proteins in feed in accordance with the Directive (EU) no. 2021/1372.

** Please remember that feed materials may only be used if they are also listed in the product list of GMP+ International. Is the respective feed material not yet listed on the product list? Click here for the application procedure.