QualimaC, AGROLAB Iberica and GMP+ International join forces

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

As a GMP+ certified company, you can share analysis results for your feed in the GMP+ Monitoring database. Sharing the analytical results is important, because it enables GMP+ International, together with other stakeholders, to gain insight into the control of feed safety.

Of course, this source of information also has great added value for companies. The GMP+ Monitoring database enables certified companies to set up, manage, analyze and share their own monitoring programmes.

As of now, analysis results obtained from AGROLAB Iberica as part of the QualimaC monitoring programme will be displayed in the GMP+ Monitoring database.

Joint Responsibility

Because of QualimaC’s experience in managing feed materials monitoring programmes (sampling & analyses) in the ports of Tarragona, Barcelona, Valencia and Castellón, QualimaC will manage a group account within the GMP+ Monitoring database to facilitate the exchange of analytical results among the participants and improve the control of feed materials. Products samples will be sent by QualimaC to AGROLAB Iberica for analysis. The results will be included by QualimaC in the GMP+ Monitoring database. 

Experience the added value added

All GMP+ certified companies that are also QualimaC members are welcome to join this group and use the analytical results to comply with the GMP+ requirements on monitoring.

To make sure you benefit from this, you need to become a member of the group account by contacting QualimaC. Just send a request to QualimaC (direccio@qualimac.com).