Special services for transport companies

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

There are several services available to transport companies that assist in setting up an HACCP system. We would like to bring these to your attention.

With the introduction of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme 2020, the R1.0 - Feed Safety Management System Requirements state that GMP+ companies are responsible for the correct implementation of the HACCP principles. This basic principle also applies to all transport companies. Feed should be transported in such a way that risks are controlled and feed is handled at the same safety levels before loading, during transport, and at the time of delivery. Each transportation company must identify, analyse, and control company-specific feed safety hazards by applying HACCP principles in accordance with R 1.0 Feed Safety Management System Requirements.

GMP+ International has various different services available to support transport companies in this context. The services are intended to support GMP+ certified companies (or companies that wish to become GMP+ certified) in setting up their internal HACCP system.

Overview of the services:

  • Interactive Excel: get more insight into the risks; perform your own HACCP analysis

HACCP is the tool to clarify the risks during transport and how to control them. The circumstances of each type of transport are different. The Excel lists the most common risks and corresponding control measures related to the different activities within the scope "Road transport of animal feed". This is an interactive tool. This makes it possible to adapt the specific circumstances of each individual transport company.

First please read the HACCP Transport Reading Guide. It contains a brief explanation of how the "HACCP Transport interactive Excel" works. The reading guide explains the steps to follow for your own HACCP analysis.  

  • GMP+ Academy microlearning Safe transport of GMP+ feed

A microlearning is a low-threshold learning module that lasts no longer than 10 minutes and contains many practical examples. In cooperation with (transport) companies in the feed sector, a series of microlearning modules (Safe transport of GMP+ feed) were created that cover various aspects of transport; such as transport planning, use of the IDTF, loading and unloading, and cleaning the loading compartments.

In addition, there are some more general microlearning modules available that cover the application of HACCP principles and basic conditions (The Importance of HACCP in Controlling Transport Feed Safety and Basic Conditions). Microlearnings are ideally suited to train new employees; or as refresher courses for the staff. They are available in multiple languages.

  • Detailed explanation in the Q&A transport

Together with the GMP+ Community, we are doing our best to articulate the requirements we have established as clearly as possible in the scheme documents. Nevertheless, there are topics that require further explanation. The 'Q&A Transport' is intended to provide information and explanation on the background, scope, practical implementation and implementation of the GMP+ transport requirements. It is intended as a guide for companies involved in various forms of GMP+ transport.

  • IDTF website: quick finder for the applicable cleaning regime

GMP+ International, together with other feed safety schemes, maintains the "International Database Transport (for) Feed". An international database where you can easily find the cleaning regime of your loading compartments and ensure the high level of feed safety of the feed you transport.  Also, under “useful links” you will find several websites with information on authorised disinfectants in different countries.

  • Registered Services: supports in fulfilling the requirements during daily operation

GMP+ International collaborates with service providers who offer services that ensure efficient maintenance and improvement of feed safety management systems. These services will also contribute to the use of standardized and uniform modes of operation in the feed supply chain. The mentioned registered services are meant to support transport companies. For more information please click on the links - www.certag.eu and https://bulkvision.eu/.

  • Download & print Leaflet - Transport HACCP Support

All GMP+ companies can use these services. Besides, there is a digital ‘leaflet’ available that may be shared. Please share the leaflet online or print it out and pass it on to your transport companies. This is how we work together to ensure safe feed transport.

If you have any questions regarding any of these services, please contact the GMP+ Helpdesk or call +31 (0)70 3074144.