Strengthening partnerships in livestock farming

Thursday, October 29, 2020

GMP+ International completed the livestock chain in the Netherlands as IKB Varken agreed to formalise our collaboration.  

Our mission to secure the whole feed supply chain also recognizes the importance of connecting to the next chain after feed. The livestock sector is the immediate beneficiary of safe feed. By setting up partnerships with different associations engaged in livestock farming, GMP+ International now completed the line-up from poultry to pigs.

IKB Varken

Kiwa VERIN manages the quality scheme named IKB Varken for the pork sector, throughout the production chain. Pig farmers participating in this quality scheme are required to use animal feed sourced from a GMP+ FSA certified or equivalently certified supplier.

We concluded the Agreement, because we wanted to regulate collaboration regarding feed safety issues, in order to ensure optimal alignment and functioning of both schemes active in the animal production chain. In addition, the parties committed to keep each other up to date. 

We want you in!

Currently, GMP+ International has 42 chain partners and we continue to increase our collaboration anywhere in the world. If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact our Business Development unit.