Strong partners for safer feed and food

Friday, November 27, 2020

ENFIT International Association Supply Chain Safety is the newest in GMP+ International strategic chain partnership community. Complimentary and supplementary, the two organisations are focus in feed and food safety & quality.

ENFIT fits in

“In order to reach international market, it is important that strong partners, who want to improve the quality of the supply chain in the long term work together. GMP+ International and ENFIT can combine the respective strengths. For the benefit of their customers and partners.” Said Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Dieter Philipowski, ENFIT President.

ENFIT is the first international association to develop European and international standards for more security, safety and transparency in the logistic services in the supply chain. Raw materials for chemicals, food or feed are transported worldwide from agriculture and farms, mining and oil production, to primary productions, like dairy, grain and feed mills, to secondary production (production of end products for consumers).

The organization is interested in the services which GMP+ International offers regarding feed safety assurance management and would like to get involved in the development of feed safety assurance internationally, especially regarding improving traceability, transparency and cleaning & sanitizing in the logistics in the feed chain.

We are convinced that partnership  and collaboration can be beneficial for both organizations, contribute to a better feed safety control in the logistics and create added value for GMP+ FSA certified companies in the value chain.

“We are optimistic that this partnership will bring long lasting benefits to our community specially the transport sector. We look forward to commence our programs together.” Added by Johan den Hartog.

We want you in!

Currently, GMP+ International has almost 50 Chain Partners from all the world and we continue to seek more collaboration. If you are interested to become a partner, contact our Business Development unit.