The Product List of GMP+ International

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Product List plays a crucial role in the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. Within the GMP+ FC scheme, only feeds which are shown on the GMP+ International Product List may be used. We regularly receive questions including the following: when should a product be put on the list and how does that happen, what is the status of the Product List and what is the difference between the Product List and the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials? In this newsletter, we explain.

How does a product get onto the list?

The products on the Product List can be safely produced and the risks associated with the production process are controllable. In order to assure safety within the GMP+ Scheme, feed companies may only produce and trade feeds shown on the Product List under GMP+ certification. If you want to produce and/or trade a feed which is not (yet) on the list, a Risk Assessment is first carried out. This is performed by independent experts who are members of the Technical Committee FSP (TCFSP) of GMP+ International. They carry out this assessment based all the information you have supplied about the product, the production process, the possible risks and how they are controlled. The assessment framework for this is based on the requirements and standards that apply to GMP+ feed materials. If the experts conclude that the risks are controllable, the “product with this production process” is added to the Product List. For more information on applying for the Product List, click here.

The Product List and its relationship to legislation

Due to the worldwide applicability of the GMP+ FC scheme and changing national feed legislation, questions frequently arise about the relationship between the Product List and legislation. The fact that a product is on the Product List tells you nothing about the legal status of the product, it only tells you something about its safety. The legal status can vary per country/region. It is possible that a product has the status of feed in one country whereas in another it has the status of, for example, an additive or a pre-mixture, or it may even not be permitted for use in/as feed. It is always the responsibility of the GMP+ certified company that produces or trades the product to determine what its status is in the local legislation, which standards apply, what needs to be stated on the label, etc.

What is the difference between the Product List and the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials?

We regularly receive questions about the difference between the GMP+ Products List and the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials. Both relate to feeds but there are significant differences. The biggest difference lies in the intentions behind them. The primary objective of the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials is to harmonise labelling. The primary objective of the Product List is to assure safety throughout the chain.

For reasons of harmonisation, where possible we use the same product names and definitions in the Product List as in the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials. If applicable, GMP+ International uses the identification number from the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials (EU catalogue number) in the Product List, in order to make clear that the products are the same. This is an additional service.