Update of GMP+ B4.3 Short Sea Shipping and Inland Waterways Transport

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Various industry organisations, involved in the transport of food and feed by short see shipping and inland waterway transport, have worked together with the Dutch competent authority on the update of the Dutch Inland Waterways Hygiene Code. This Inland Waterways Hygiene Code forms the basis for the standard GMP+ B4.3 Short Sea Shipping and Inland Waterways Transport. Reason enough to adjust the GMP+ standard. 

A full version of the updated GMP+ B4.3 Short Sea Shipping and Inland Waterways Transport is available on our website. These are the most important changes:

  • The requirements elaborate on the specific differences between tank transport and transport of dry cargo
  • More emphasis on demonstrable use of food-grade cleaning and disinfection agents, paint and coating in loading compartment
  • More emphasis on the quality of the water used for cleaning means of transport
  • Stricter requirements for obtaining dedicated food and / or feed status
  • The release procedure has been clarified on a number of points
  • Permissible temperatures for tank transport have been updated in accordance with the latest version of “International Code of Practice for storage and transport of edible oils and fats in bulk”
  • The Load list for previous loads and cleaning regimes is extensive and sorted alphabetically
  • Explanation has been added how to deal with a visual observation of a feed-unsafe situation.

The GMP+ B4.3 standard can be applied as of today, but is mandatory as of 1st January 2021.