Update: postponement of mandatory GMP+ certification for applicable scopes for transport and affreightment outside Europe

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Although affreightment and transport certification scopes are mandatory within GMP+ FC scheme, companies cannot always be certified for the scope(s) due to lack of GMP+ accepted auditors outside Europe.

Due to Covid-19 situation it is still difficult for some companies outside Europe to become certified for the mandatory GMP+ scope for transport and affreightment.

Therefore several requirements mentioned in the newsletter (dated 27 July 2020 & 23 June 2021) are changed as follow.

Changes for GMP+ certified companies located outside Europe

The deadlines laid down in the newsletter are postponed for the last time for 6 months, which means:

  • Exemptions to deviate from the GMP+ requirements can be requested until 30 September 2022
  • Issued exemptions for the certification of Transport & Affreightment outside Europe are valid until 1 January 2023; however, until that moment, these GMP+ activities must be assured by the GMP+ certified company in accordance with relevant GMP+ requirements.
  • As of 1 January 2023, additional GMP+ certification is mandatory for the applicable scope(s).

In which situation the activities of transport and affreightment must be certified?

  1. If your company is certified for production or trade and it carries out road transport, inland waterway and short sea transport of GMP+ assured feed, packaged or in bulk, by its own transport means (see definition in chapter 1.3 of GMP+ B4/B4.3 and F0.3). This concerns the transport of feed to third parties (e.g. to your customer); and/or,
  2. If your company carries out affreightment of rail/sea/inland waterway transport/short sea shipping (see definitions in chapter 1.3 of GMP+ B4 and F0.3) for GMP+ assured feed.

The corresponding transport and/or affreightment scope(s) as mentioned below is mandatory for your company’s GMP+ certification.

  • Road transport of feed
  • Inland waterway transport and short sea shipping of feed
  • Affreightment of rail transport
  • Affreightment of sea transport
  • Affreightment of inland waterway transport
  • Affreightment of short sea shipping

In which situation the activities of transport and affreightment do not have to be certified?

  1. If the transport by own transport means concerns internal transport (see definition in GMP+ A2/F0.2).
  2. If the transport, whether by own transport means or by external transport company, concerns transport of raw material for food production (e.g. transport of soy beans to a crusher for production of soy oil for food).
  3. If your company is certified for production or trade and it outsources transport of GMP+ assured feed to an external transport company. Please note: if your company applies the gatekeeper protocol as laid down in GMP+ BA10/TS1.2, the external transport company does not have to be certified either.
  4. If your company only carries out transport of GMP+ assured feed (without any production or trade activities). The GMP+ certified producer or trader can assure your transport activities according to the requirements laid down in GMP+ BA10/TS1.2.
  5. If your company is certified for production or trade and it carries out affreightment of road transport.
  6. If your company is certified for production or trade and outsources affreightment to an external certified affreightment company.