Upload & share your analysis results

Friday, February 25, 2022

The GMP+ Monitoring database fits with our ambition of increasing and sharing knowledge about feed safety. Analyses are essential for the management of feed safety. That’s why every year we evaluate the GMP+ Monitoring database results to reduce risks to a minimum and monitor feed safety in the chain.

Before we start with the evaluation, we ask you to upload your analysis results to the GMP+ Monitoring database before Thursday 31st March 2022 and to share them (anonymously) with the GMP+ Community.

The more analysis results are available in the GMP+ Monitoring database, the more valuable the evaluation will be.

Please do not forget to share (anonymously) with the GMP+ Community the results that are requested under GMP+ requirements, such as samples with positive Salmonella results and their serotyping in the context of the Salmonella protocols from GMP+ BA4. Only then we can use them in our evaluation of relevant scheme documents (for example, Aflatoxin B1 protocol in GMP+ BA4).

More information about what analysis results you are required to share with the GMP+ Community is provided in this document

With regard to the other analyses, you can decide whether or not to share them. GMP+ International appreciates and invites you to share these other analyses with the GMP+ Community (anonymously) as well. After all: the more results are shared, the more information is available for the GMP+ Community. You can then use this information in your HACCP analysis to assess the risk.


In case of difficulties uploading and sharing the monitoring results, please feel free to contact the GMP+ International Helpdesk. We can support you in various ways and in different languages (for example, Dutch, German, English, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese).