We are jointly responsible for Feed Safety Worldwide

Thursday, September 29, 2022

We previously explained how the Product List, the Risk Assessments, the Monitoring database and the Early Warning System contribute to our shared responsibility for Feed Safety Worldwide. We have since implemented a number of improvements suggested by users.

EWS monthly overview available in the portal

GMP+ International collects all EWS reports from the companies, makes trend analyses and shares them with the GMP+ Community via a monthly overview in the portal. As a company, you can use this knowledge to strengthen your feed safety management systems. You can find the reports received in August here.

Product List explanation

It is not clear to everyone what the purpose of the the GMP+ International Product List is. We also regularly receive questions about the status of the Product List in relation to legislation and the difference beween the Product List and the EU Catalogue of Feed Materials. We have written an explanation in order to clarify these matters. Read more.

Improving is an ongoing process

Implementing improvements is an ongoing process. Some points are simple and easy to tackle, while others take more time. For instance, we are currently working on a series of instructional videos featuring handy tips and explanation of the Monitoring database, the Risk Assessments and the Early Warning System. In addition, in October we launched a Toolbox HACCP Transport. In it, we provide an overview of supporting information for transport companies.

Naturally we are open to feedback, so if you come up against anything please let us know. In this way, we can contribute to Feed Safety Worldwide together.