piątek, 18 grudnia 2020

At the request of Hilde Niyonsaba, PhD Business Economics at Wageningen University we invite the GMP+ Community to fill out this questionnaire. Results will be shared in February 2021.

In the context of the SUSINCHAIN project - an EU-funded project that aims at increasing the economic viability of the insect value chain and to open feed and food markets for insect-derived products in Europe – we invite:

  1.  Companies that use or are interested in using insect protein for food or feed;
  2.  Business associations and Research organisations.

to fill a survey which aims to identify the most relevant past barriers and future risks for production and commercialization of insect proteins in Europe on the larger scale.

We would very much appreciate if you fill out this questionnaire when you are connected to or interested in insect based feed production. We believe that your participation will contribute to the future work of the SUSINCHAIN project and thereby to the development of the insect sector in Europe. More information about the SUSINCHAIN project can be found here.

The survey is available in English – Dutch – German – French – Spanish – Italian – Danish – Portuguese.

The link of the survey can be found below.

Insects for feed           (companies who (want to) produce insect based animal feed)